India’s Nuclear Doctrine

  1. India has once again said that it is, committed to know first use of strategic weapons under its Nuclear Doctrine
  2. Speaking at the conference at the 75th Session of the first committee of United Nations General Assembly, India said that its nuclear weapons are meant to maintain a posture of minimum deterrence.
  3. Earlier this month foreign secretary Harsh Vardhan said “Nuclear disarmament can be achieved through an agreed multi-lateral framework and India will push for it.”
  4. India’s nuclear Doctrine came out in 2003 and its 17-year now and it has been quite consistent. It hasn’t changed at all despite of defeat and debate whether it has to be changed or not and the debate continues.
  5. The Government has considered all the pros and cons and feels that no first use doctrine which is really a breathe-in our deterrence capabilities, the credible minimum deterrent and second Strike is very much intact. It is good that it is re-altered by the United Nations and clarified at Lok Sabha when there were many discussions whether India is considering a revision.
  6. So this is a strong signal that India is quite confident of its credible minimum deterrent and India is in a position to deal with threats.
  7. Nuclear environment and security environment in the world has changed drastically .
  8. Transition of being a nuclear weapons state was meant to be with threats like black mail.
  9. Nuclear doctrine is a defensive doctrine but it assures credibility of retaliation
  10. In nuclear age the only stability will come from defensive posture.
  11. Anything, which is aggressive, leads to counter relations
  12. India as a responsible stakeholder in the global nuclear architecture it is always been the case that India would represent our case with modicum of an Sovereignty and modicum of Stability.
  13. Nuclear doctrine had provision for reassessment.
  14. India by its structure and faith in nuclear disarmament should continue to press for global discourse on a nuclear weapon convention .
  15. In fear of extent of nuclear weapons it should be removed rather than worshipping it. Weapons should be eliminated and we should not believe in aggression

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