What we do

The academy takes care of Prelims, Mains, Optional subjects as well as preparation for subsequent interviews. The UPSC exam aims to test not only the aspirant’s subject knowledge, but also his/her understanding and explanations combined with their moral and decent standard that makes it the most challenging national level examination. The academy prepares students with greater knowledge and inculcates in them the capacity to think positively, and act purposely. At Knowledge Valley, the main focus is on participatory and interactive learning. Therefore, the faculty members create an atmosphere that is conducive to an all-encompassing teaching. The students are enabled to become lively agent of the teaching learning method. Apart from latest technology, state-of-the-art educational techniques are used to give our students a competitive edge over others. We always keep in mind that our students, while studying, should feel satisfied in all aspects for an all round development. Keeping the above traits as the criteria, we always strive to improve and follow our system of guidance on the best possible manner that it would bring out the best in a candidate so that he/she could compete successfully in civil services examination.

** UPSC Syllabus **(Click here)


Knowledge valley is an institute to guide aspirants in cracking the Civil Service Exams and help them fulfill their dreams. In this endeavor, our trained faculty plays a role of facilitator and empowers aspirants in achieving their dreams. Towards this, Knowledge Valley has organized seminars, workshops and programs for students across India. To create awareness amongst students and dispel the myths surrounding Civil Services.

Our unique selling point (USP)

The Mantra : Strong foundation leads to a strong structure.

  • Answer Writing
  • Group Discussion (GD)
  • Test Series
  • Doubt Solving
  1. The dilemma of which is the right course of action to get results.
  2. Choice of books used by aspirants.
  3. Develop the right mentality, ideas, principles and personality which are looked for in a Civil Service Exam by the examiners.
  4. Selecting the right optional subject.Keeping the above problems in mind our trained faculty works with the aspirants in making the journey towards becoming a successful Civil Servant a memorable and enjoyable one !
  • To succeed, you need the right mindset.
  • You need to believe you can do it (and succeed).
  • You need to believe you have what it takes (the skills and knowledge).
  • You need persistence and patience…
  • You should be willing to put the work and effort even when you do not see the [expected] results…

Practice – Perseverance – Patience.


  1. Revise your notes
  2. Update your notes
  3. Write answers and get them reviewed
  4. Talk to co-aspirants and discuss your strategy
  5. Give tests and identify your mistakes


  1. Make a daily routine and repeat it every day. Do not break it! Stick to the plan!
  2. Make short term goals and set deadlines to finish subject/area wise syllabus.
  3. Be mentally ready to study the same book multiple times.
  4. Identify your mistakes and work to correct them. Do a SWOT analysis to push your strengths and improve your weaknesses


  1. Give your best and then be ready to face both success and failure.
  2. You may have to take multiple attempts before finally making to your dream job, so devise a strategy to spend your time.
  3. Develop a healthy hobby which adds to your personality. I did cooking and gardening.
  4. Don’t bother about mistakes but always remember lessons learnt.
  5. Tell yourself what Buddha told the world, this too shall pass. Yat sat tat kshanikam…

If you train yourself according to these 3Ps, you will certainly enhance your chances to clear the exam. The more you enhance, the earlier you will clear it.